Ljubljana Airport

Transfers to or from Ljubljana or Lake Bled.


From 7€

per person

Private transfer
to Ljubljana Airport

From 7€

per person

Share ride transfer
to Ljubljana Airport

From 12€

per person

Private transfer
to Lake Bled


Ljubljana to Ljubljana Airport

Ljubljana to Lake Bled

Please follow the links bellow if you would like to check rates and make bookings from Ljubljana Airport, or from Lake Bled.

If you are interested in transfer rates other then between Ljubljana, Ljubljana Airport, or Lake Bled please follow the link below.

Book your transfer from Ljubljana

Including children.
Only if going to or from the airport.

Only needed if location is other than Ljubljana airport.
Only needed for Lake Bled.

It can affect the total cost if larger vehicles are required.
Please provide number of children, age and/or height and/or weight in comment area.
Children, special requests, etc...


Bookings, changes, and cancelations can be made up to 2 hrs prior to the agreed pick-up time. Less is possible, however, it is subject to availability for bookings, and cancelation fees for cancelations. Last minute bookings can only be made by phone.


If your flight is delayed please inform us immediately. We monitor flights, but in reality, the information is only available long after the vehicle departs for your pick up. Reshuffling the drivers could mean that you might have to wait a few minutes for the driver. In any case feel free to contact us as soon as you clear customs and enter the arrival hall. In short, the more information we get the better the service we provide

Flight changes

If you miss or change your flight please provide all necessary details for your new flight arrival or departure time. Until you inform us of the change we have no means of finding out. We will follow the initial booking. At any rate you can be charged in full as a no-show