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Frequently asked questions – Get your answer here.

Reservation deadline

Airport Shuttle

The booking deadline for the airport shuttle service is 2 hrs prior to the expected shuttle pick-up time. Less is possible, however, it is subject to availability. Last minute bookings can only be done by phone.

Private Transfer

The booking deadline for a private transfer service is 2 hrs prior to the agreed pick-up time. Less is possible, however, it is subject to availability. Last minute bookings can only be made by phone.

Change or cancel reservation


Any change can be made up to 2 hrs before the designated vehicle leaves the garage for your pick up service. Still, later changes are possible, at the same time it can result in changes of the available service itself. That in return can affect cost if your service gets upgraded.
We strongly recomend that you send information via email or that you use the form below. You can certainly call though sometimes its difficult to understand what a person is saying.


The cancelation deadline is 2 hrs prior to the vehicle leaving the garage for your pick-up. We kindly ask you to send your cancelation in writing via email or by using the form below in order to recieve a written confirmation. Please note that if a service has been prepaid the following rules apply:
– Bookings in value up to 30€ DO NOT get refunded due to the costs of the refund itself.
– Bookings canceled less than 2 hrs before are charged in full.

Flight – change, delay etc…


When your flight is delayed please inform us immediately. We monitor flights, but in truth, the information is only available long after the vehicle departs for your pick up. Reshuffling the drivers could mean that you might have to wait a few minutes for the driver. In any case feel free to contact us as soon as you clear customs and enter the arrival hall. In short, the more information we get the better the service we provide.

Change flight

If you miss or change your flight please provide all necessary details for your new flight arrival or departure time. Until you inform us of the change we have no means of finding out. We will follow the initial booking. At any rate you can be charged in full as a no-show.


When your flight is canceled it is your responsibility to provide new arrival details or to cancel the service. By notifying us at least 2 hrs before the vehicle departs for your pick-up you can minimize the charge. Later or no cancelation at all will be charged in full.

How to find your driver


Your driver will always wait inside the arrival hall just after you clear customs.
Look for a welcome sign with our default logo. On the other hand, if you chose your name or a different logo on the welcome sign look for that instead.


Please make yourself comfortable inside the lobby. More importantly, inform the front desk of your whereabouts. The driver will check with the front desk, therefore, we kindly ask you to respect the agreed times or to advise of possible delays in advance. We will gladly try to help you find a solution.

Other locations

The driver will wait in front of the main entrance into the building, at the closest point to the main entrance or the main gate / driveway. At a home address the vehicle will wait at the closest point to the main entrance or at the gate. Where possible in the driveway.



All in all children are treated as adult passengers regardless of their age. In short that means that a family with 2 adults and 2 children will be treated as 4 passengers in total. Child safety seats or boosters are mandatory for all children up to the height of 150 cm. We kindly ask you to advise in advance if you need them. Most important, please provide child age, approximate height and approximate weight. At any rate if you did not book a child safety seat or booster we reserve the right to deny our service. Refunds will NOT be possible in any case.



Before you book please make a quick assesment of the amount of luggage you intend to carry. After all luggage is limited to a CABIN SIZE suitcase ( 55 cm / 20 in / 45 litres ) and a LARGE SIZE suitcase ( 74 cm / 27 in / 117 litres ). You should rather consider booking a private car transfer if your luggage exceeds the limit. Furthermore please note that with larger pieces, for example, bycicles, skis etc., you should consider booking a van. In any case, if you exceed the luggage limit without previous agreement it could result in delays and extra cost since a separate vehicle will be arranged.



When paying directly to the driver. The law specifically demands that the driver give you a receipt. Until you get one you are not obliged to pay.

Credit cards

Credit cards are accepted for online payment ( coming shortly ) and direct payment to the driver. The law specifically demands that the driver give you a receipt. Until you get one you are not obliged to pay. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Amex.


Our invoice option is available as proforma invoice ( prepay via bank transfer ) to all and also as billing to contracted clients.

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